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Since 2009, “Tahiti Iti Diving” shares the passion of diving with its customers. Tahiti Iti Diving welcomes all those interested in discovery, training and exploration dives. Located in Phaeton Bay Marina, we are within easy reach of the best dive sites on the Peninsula.
Join Tahiti Iti Diving to discover the wonders of the west coast. Put your equipment on board and Tahiti Iti Diving will show you the best dives Tahiti has to offer… The center is open all year round.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, you will find a multitude of dive sites adapted to your level, your experience or your affinities. We offer exploration or training dives, every day, at 9am and 1:30pm (appointment).

The dives can take place in the lagoon, but also and especially outside, along the coral reef. You will find breathtaking drop offs and beautiful coral covered flats where an abundant fauna finds food and shelter.


The dive sites are spread all around the peninsula. We mainly dive on about ten sites spread over the Papeari-Toahotu-Vairao area, but we organize every month when the conditions allow it, exceptional trips to the south of Teahupoo: the Fer à Cheval and the Grotto. We also dive on the east coast of the peninsula, on 2 magnificent sites: the roses of Faone and the Tautira fault. The majority of the sites are accessible from level 1 and all are multilevel, thanks to the presence of drop offs of a dizzying verticality.

We also organize night dives on the reef, in calm weather, in order to observe the nocturnal fauna and the bio-luminosity of certain species of fish.

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